Individualized coaching creates an environment for change. Here are some examples of recent successes clients achieved in speech, language, communication style, and presentations


A Russian scientist in the biotechnology field spoke rapidly with a heavy accent that confounded her manager and colleagues. She learned accent modification strategies so well that she was able to present her scientific research at an international conference in a clear, credible manner.

An East Indian engineer became attuned to the word stress patterns in English so that he could correct the major errors in his speech. He slowed his rate to make his meaning clearer for American listeners. As a result, he was given more responsibility and greater visibility with customers.


A Korean department head learned to express her ideas in a succinct manner with greater grammatical and pronunciation accuracy so that she became more credible and effective with her peers and superiors.

An intermediate level English speaker learned to understand the quick informal American speech style so she felt confident in responding to comments. She became proactive in handling outside clients and discussed service needs in a professional manner.

Communication Style

A reserved computer engineer who only spoke in meetings when asked directly, overcame his reticence and started to ask clarifying questions, to state his opinions, and to support his colleagues in meetings. He increased his confidence in dealing with people from other departments.

An architect responsible for field reports and court testimony discovered how his muffled voice projection interfered with his effectiveness. He also modified his communication style to tell others what they needed to know versus what might be nice for them to know. He was soon hired for the new position he wanted.


An Italian vice-president who gave weekly presentations reinforced his presentation skills, learned the expectations of American audiences and corrected several grammatical errors. He became more comfortable dealing with American business personnel.

A near-native English speaker in a consulting firm learned to modify his technical vocabulary for different audiences and to build better client relationships through friendly small talk.