Depending on an individual's needs, coaching focuses on speech, language, communication style or presentation skills. Examples of objectives that can be addressed are listed below. Personalized objectives are set after a needs assessment with Ms. Gibbons.


  • Rate of speech
  • Loudness/volume of speech
  • Expressiveness/melody of speech
  • Rhythmic flow of speech
  • Correct stress of syllables in words
  • Accurate pronunciation of words
  • Use of a real-time biofeedback software program to visualize speech


Language/Communication Style

  • Review grammar "hot spots"

  • Monitor conversation for accurate English

  • Organize ideas clearly for listeners

  • Learn appropriate communication styles

  • Prepare for and practice important business interactions

  • Use small talk to build relationships

  • Integrate non-verbal communication with oral language

Individuals practice their objectives in structured drills and in relevant business communication, such as giving short briefings, answering questions, expressing opinions, and defining problems.

Audio/videotape provides objective monitoring of success. The individuals then apply the skills in current business situations. Their objectives are modified based on feedback from these real life applications.


  • Audience analysis
  • Strategic objective
  • Well defined point of view
  • Clear organization
  • Useful visuals
  • Confident delivery
  • Effective Q & A session
  • Videotape rehearsal

Individuals prepare and deliver short presentations with videotape review in consultation with Ms. Gibbons. Consultations can include an introduction to presentation skills, a brush-up review of skills, or preparation for a specific presentation.